Sheer curtains 4.7m ceiling

Classic White is always in trend.

Grey and black. Very fashion and stylish.

Window furnishing can be a tricky job, but with the right innovation and flexibility, any project can be completed to perfection. We know that tricky windows, significant heights, and complex projects require extra attention and care. That's why we use scaffolding and special ladders to tackle any job. Our team is experienced and adept at finding solutions to even the most difficult situations

Nice room, nice sheer curtains combined with roller blinds

Does one need curtains in the bathroom? Certainly, should one want it! 🙂

Fifty Shades of Grey 🙂 Melbourn's favorite colour, isn't it?

Boy's room. Hi is a real Captain 🙂

Beautiful Linen look curtains for the huge angle window

My challenge was to design elegant classical atmosphere using luxurious Italian fabrics. We combined too types of fabrics, light drastic black mesh with dual patterned blocking back in deep navy color. This unique combination created 3D look and beautiful cozy atmosphere.

Soft Ivory curtains from ceiling to floor makes small room bigger and lighter.

Motorized curtains for Living area. Unusual cotton fabric. Beautiful diverse color.


Curtains for the hall. Natural look material makes room soft and cozy.

White is never too much!

My favorite combination for the Living area. Roller blinds plus curtains. Multi-functional.

Noble deep grey linen curtains for the dining area. Combined with Blockout roller blinds.

Very nice sheer curtains for the Girl's room. I really love this fabric. Beautiful colors and texture.

History of one work

Beautiful embroidered floral sheer material and unique design for roman blinds using same sheer fabric on the top of dark color blockout.

Hanging curtains right above a window is a common mistake. It can really break up the wall space, creating a visual barrier that significantly shortens the distance between the ceiling and the floor. This can make a room feel cramped and small, instead of spacious and inviting. Floor-to-ceiling curtains can really make a significant difference in the look and feel of the smallest room. They can make the windows look larger and the walls look longer, making the space more spacious and elegant. An additional feature in making the room look taller and more luxurious is by puddling the curtains on the floor.

Beautiful soft embroidered curtains for bedroom and glamorous sheer for the dining. Flower pattern is refreshing and cosy.

Sheer curtains

It wasn’t my original idea to put sheer curtains under the roller blinds. But my client was quite brave and open minded. She wanted to see flow in her beautiful curtains when windy. And we achieved this and very pleased with results!

With such a stunning feature wall, any curtain will look as a deluxe addition to decor.

One of my favorite sheer fabric. Light as a cobweb, see-through and slightly metallic effect. Looks fantastic anytime of the day.

S-fold curtains on the special track designed to be recessed straight into the ceiling. Soft flowing effect from the ceiling to the floor with no gaps or visible hanging brackets / hooks creates aesthetically clean look and visually enlarges the space


Deep orange felt curtains are both glamorous and functional. Not only do they add a luxurious feel to the industrial space such as a tile showroom, but their 100% wool fabric also provides the best soundproofing. The curtains have been added as both a design and a functional feature to define spaces and create a warm, inviting ambiance for anyone who enters.

Luxury fabric curtains create sophisticated style in any Bedroom. Inverted pleat allows to avoid any gaps between curtains and ceiling.




These unique string curtains sure do make a statement. Creative minds will love the soft, light feel of the silky ropes hanging in bright, eye-catching colours. No need to worry about having to move them when coming in or out. They are out of the ordinary and totally original