Easy living. Enjoy all the benefits of light with the benefits of relaxing privacy.
Suits living area, kitchen and entertainment spaces. Flexibility plus privacy with excellent quality fabric.

Display windows dressing with pelmets shaped to your taste.
Square, round, matt or gloss, fabric-covered, timber look. Variety of pelmets will highlight your new blinds.
Making finishing statement in the presentation of your windows with style. ​

Easy transformation of the entire living space by a simple choice of creative window features.
This client wished to transform a teenage girl’s bedroom into the modern spacious happy area with the elements of high style. The entire family was very impressed with the easy and effective solution.

Stripes are an excellent solution to adding an element of modern inspiration.
The classic look will empress with a luxurious statement.

Creative design with light and sophisticated pattern adds bright mood to your space.

Cheerful floral design on block-out roller blind.

A luxurious combination of every type of your window cover needs: privacy day and night, heat protection, sunblock, strong light protection in a simple dual blinds combination.

We offer window dressing solution for your sophisticated custom designed window.

This successful project incorporates white dual roller blinds block-out and light filtering for day light and night block-out for highly desired total privacy.

A clever combination of indoor and outdoor solution is most popular with its comfort and practicality.

Decorate your bay windows with a variety of options for privacy, light and sophistication.

A variety of combinations for any private and entertainment space will match your living, while offering desired sun protection and privacy.

Eliminate heat with stylish screens.

Minimise gaps for maximum comfort for your morning rise, avoiding those penetrating annoying rays of sun.

A simple option to cover the roll of the blind makes the blind flow beautifully.

Corner window requires special care, especially where the gap is. Pictured is a special creative project to minimise light penetration.

Smart Screen Roller blinds for a fashionable Hair & Beauty Salon. Protection from harsh rays of bright sun, yet, the blinds allow a full view of the outside.

What would you choose roller blinds or the curtains? Easy to see, how much space is created just by using the blinds. A simple choice of blinds over aged window dressing completes the space. This project instantly switches on the umph of the house by creative modern window blinds.

Spaces for children with cheerful design pattern will make everyone happy at all times.

Choice of brightest colours suits a happy place like a Child care centre.


Super practical approach by using 15 motorised blinds in the same room! It will save you much effort each time. This is a unique solution to control light flow with a touch of a button from anywhere in your home. Available in a range of models and colours.

Veelon Melbourne Double roller blinds motorised
Veelon Melbourne Double roller blinds motorised under pelmet

Black and white. Smart and simple. Unique combination always in fashion. Motorised blinds in most places framed by lush Japanese style curtains.

Motorised blinds are an easy solution for tired legs.

Veelon Melbourne Double roller blinds motorised under pelmet
Veelon Melbourne roller blinds

Go with the bang. Huge window space covered with one touch of a button.

Attractive combination of screen face and the blockout back. Motorised version lets your fingers do the working. Skilful weaving of shiny thread in screen fabric creates a very special mood.


Roman blinds made from the exquisite different drapery fabrics of your choice. It gives you the exclusive way to match your interior design with the window furnishing and matching cushions.

Victorian style and soft roman blinds are a perfect match.

Softness of the roman blind in tandem with sheer roller. Small window in baby bedroom instantly turns into a feature.

Double blinds roll and roman. Easy to use and smart look.

Beautiful embroidered floral sheer material and unique design for roman blinds using same sheer fabric on the top of dark color blockout.

Double blinds roller and roman for the bedroom.

Even the small room with the corner window can look bigger and lighter with the right blind’s fabric. The pearl element adds to softness and sophistication.

Small, low window can be visually enlarged by the higher setting of the bigger size roman blinds.

Roman blinds with flower pattern pleasantly addition to the garden view.

If you are blessed with the beautiful timber niche in your bedroom, you want to avoid gaps around the windows to minimise light penetration and to look stylish. Not too many options are available, but the best choice will be the combination of the blockout roman and sheer roller.

Roman blinds made from soft curtain’s fabric. You are able to open the European window without damaging the fabric. Looks very light, airy and stylish.

In addition to all the buttons that you love to press, you will add another one to make your life happier and easier.




You can operate and regulate the light and take care of the privacy. It is a perfect solution for the entry glass doors.


Does the Grey make you feel bored? Welcome to the bright side! Vertical blinds for the Beautiful Shambhala Wellness Centre.



White plantation shutters is a luxury product that comes in PVC, Basswood or Aluminium.


White plantation shutters is a luxury product that comes in PVC, Basswood or Aluminium.

Plantation shutters should not necessarily be white. In this case color the timber plantation matches the door color.

White plantation shutters.

White plantation shutters. Bay window